Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to me (at Quazzy Rev 3)

Last weekend I officially became old, turning 40 on Sunday. But like any good triathlete I had to make sure my thirties went out in style. So I signed up for a completed the Revolution at last weekend's Rev 3 tri at Quazzy, CT. The Revolution involved doing the Olympic Rev on Saturday and then the Half Rev on Sunday on one of the more obnoxiously hilly bike and run courses around.
Things started with a nice drive up on Friday afternoon and got to hang out with pros Richie Cuttingham, Mike Lavato, Dede Griesbaeur, and Carole Sharpless, and probably a few more I didn't even realize while I worked at the Trakkers Booth. Drove the Olympic course and discovered they found a few more hills they missed last year, then headed the the hotel. Saturday, the Olympic race was a blast. Got to start in the first wave, had a nice bike, and a good run, but stayed within myself and had fun. Checked out the scoring and I ended up in the top quarter and was scored in the 35-39 AG and finished top quarter of that age group as well.
Hung out before rechecking my bike for the Half and got to meet Miranda Carefree and Craig Alexander and then headed back to the hotel and got some seroius sleep. Sunday got up early and did it all over again. Had one of my idols Natasha Badman cross in front of my car in the parking lot, and got to listen to Richie Cuttingham talk about racing next week at Eagleman. This time I got to wait for the 5th wave, watch the pro waves head out and then head out. Again the swim went well, but the bike was more of an adventure. The hills start early and just keep going. After about 5 miles I shifted down to my small ring, I get to the top of the hill and I can't get the chain to shift back up to the big ring. I was pretty pissed as I was getting passed on the next downhill, but I was finally able to shake it off and accept I could be worse off that being stuck on the small ring on this course so I lived with it and went on. Rode pretty well, got rained on a few times and ended up only a few minutes slower than last year. The run wasn't a whole lot of fun as the hills on the bike, the Olympic the day before, then bike wreck at Knoxville (28 days earlier) and not having my bike until the Tuesday, and not drinking enough on the bike all can back to beat me up. But I had the body markers write happy birthday on my calf and whenever anyone came by they wished me a happy birthday and it really helped keep me shuffling along. I finished the race and the double, then got some dinner and a cupcake and really felt old.

But I officially became a Master's athlete in style and had a great weekend before driving home to celebrate with the family.
So remember no matter where you go there you are. Have fun and enjoy the ride! Age is just a number.

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