Thursday, March 3, 2011

Race T shirt scenario- Why this reaction?

I need a ruling from all my triathlete friends.

I went to the SouthEast Pennsylvania Multisport Expo this weekend, brought my two boys and had a great time. We hit the Tri Columbia Tent (Club that puts on the Eagleman 70.3 and Chesapeakman Endurance Festival) and got into a nice conversation about Eagleman, which I am signed up for this year and did before in 2007. They had some really nice Technical T shirts with the Eagleman Logo which I mentioned I liked and then she gave me and both my boys an Eagleman T-shirt and a Aflac IronGirl Tri Tshirt for my wife. I thought that was very nice and gladly accepted the gift. My oldest son immediately put his shirt on.

Well for the rest of the the expo, Adrian got the "YOU did Eagleman!!??" comments from a lotta folks and I noticed the shirts were event shirts from the 2009 race. Some folks seemed downright offended that my son was walking around in a race Tshirt and he had not competed in that race. It sort of reminded me of the reaction we got at an Iron Maiden Concert Last summer where Adrian was wearing a replica T shirt from the "Killers" Tour which took place about 16 years before he was born.

SO the question is..1) Is it Ok to give a race Tshirt (actual event tshirt which the racers get not a souvenier) to someone who did not do the event; and 2) Is it OK for me to wear a Tshirt for a race I have done albet a different year? 3) What is with all the haters giving my 13 year old son a hard time? (Don't get the attitute at all.)

Thanks for your opinions in advance.


  1. Ugh... there are worse problems in the world for people to get all huffy about than your 13 year old wearing a shirt from a race a few years ago. I wouldn't think twice about it... they shouldn't either. That's my opinion!

  2. People are idiots sometimes. Seriously, I am with Colleen. I wouldn't think twice about it either. Seriously, they are that bored with their own lives that they have to give a 13yr old (or anybody) flack over a shirt?

  3. He can say, "No, my Dad did it". They gave my daughter an Irongirl race shirt at an expo once. Whatever! If it fosters a love for the sport, who cares? I wouldn't wear a 140.6 shirt unless I had done one, but I'm 34 and have that on my bucket list. Let the kid enjoy his groovy free shirt!