Monday, April 25, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Here we go again. I started out the year with a very ambitious plan for my racing schedule this year. But work has picked up and I developed a nasty case of Plantar Faciatsis in my left foot. Both of which have significantly impacted my training, particularly my running. So now I'm a few week away from my first triathlon of the year, Revolution 3 Knoxville on May 15, 2011. One of my goals for the year is to qualify for the USAT HalfMax National Championships which would require a HIM PR. Ideally, I would like to knock that goal out right out the gate in Knoxville which would allow me to engage in some measured insanity (Rev 3 Quazzy Olympic, HIM, and Eagleman 7 days later) in order to put my Recovery Pump to the ultimate test. But if I don't fulfill goal #1, my best and really only legit shot would be Eagleman. But right now I am having some doubts due to my limited running the last month and a half. So I have a decision go for the Oly at Rev 3 Knoxville and Rev 3 Quazzy to be ready for a max effort at Eagleman or stick with the original plan, going with the HIM at Rev 3 Knoxville and putting faith in the extra bike training I have gotten in since my heel issues and go for it. It's a tough decision and will affect my entire season.

Any advice? Thanks in advance!


  1. That is a tough one? Maybe see how Knoxville goes first and make your plans on MAy 16th (-:

  2. I'm not real familiar w/ Plantar Fasciatsis.. except to know it's not a speedy recovery.. so I'm not sure if RACING hard is a good idea or not... as to make it worse?? Hmmm Tough call. Good news is if you don't hit it at Knox you can step back from the Oly at Quassy and focus on the half. :) I'm w/ Jeff... decide on May 16th.

  3. Play it by ear and decide as late in the game as you can, but I'd lean towards sticking with the Oly at Knoxville (and keep the rubber side down).

    1) You can't fake being healthy or being a fast runner
    2) If you re-injure your foot, you are up shit's creek.

    But if you are feeling good after some solid run workouts a week or two before Knox, suit up and kill the HalfRev.

  4. Well I waited as long as I could and went with your advice. Signed up for the Half and will wait until May 16th to sign up for Quazzy. Thanks