Monday, July 11, 2011

Letting go of my old gear!

Funny how you can get sentamental about selling some old gear. Yes thats why, I found another use for my mighty Specialized Allez Elite. My very first road bike which took me though my first Olympic, HIM, and 4 Ironmans was the only bike at Kona without aerobars (someone said she was mentioned in the Triathlon magazine gear rundown that year). So even though I finally upgraded to a Carbon Fiber TT bike (My Kestrel Talon Tri SL), I found a permenant spot on the computrainer for the Specialized rather than sell her. I love my Kestrel and it has helped me take 15 min of my HIM Bike PR, but my old faithful steed and I have been though alot together.

My first wetsuit; however, found a new home this week. I bought a Blue Seventy Sleeveless wetsuit after my first two HIMS. It always kicked my butt getting it off but it clearly made me faster and accompanied me thru 10 HIMs and 4 Ironmans (Kona was non wetsuit), but this year I upgraded to a TYR Hurricane Cat 5 full suit. But my old wetsuit helped one of the lady's in my office get over some apprehension and complete her first triathlon in June (a wetsuit is a great security blanket to a newbie swimmer so I let her borrow my wetsuit) and on Friday I sold it too her. I am glad my old wetsuit will help another triathlete get into our great sport.

This weekend I also retired my AVIA Rhythms which got me through a hectic half season, with 3 HIMs and an Olympic and 3 races in 8 days. When I retire a pair of shoes I them toss my emergency shoes and religate the retired shoes to that status. So I had to throw out a very well worn pair of Shoes which have my fastest Ironman to their name. Good memories attached to a nasty, stinky, worn out pair of shoes.

But don't even ask about buying my old bike!!!! A bike with a Kona sticker and a total of 4 ironman stickers is priceless!


  1. Andy, my wife yells at me to throw out my old sneakers all the time. I just can not g et myself to do it. I hold on to things for far too long.

    Never get rid of a bike with a Kona sticker on it. That would be bad luck. Keep rocking your bad self!

  2. I have tons of trouble getting rid of these things. I have a closet full of lots of running shoes that have retired but I just cannot seem to get rid of them!

    I got an "old" wetsuit that I should also let go of because I am sooo in love with my TYR Hurricane one!

  3. Heard about your blog throught BeginnerTriathlete (Hubbie). I finally sold my old road bike that got me thruogh four triathlons only after I made the woman promise me she would also race my faithful wheels. Some times I still miss my Old Girl, but I know shes in good hands getting my friend ready for her first tri.