Sunday, May 20, 2012

Product Review- Swiftwick Aspire One compression socks.

"ASPIRE ONE are the solution for your feet's 60 joints, all 200 ligaments and 35 muscles, delivering greater support for all your sporting activities. ASPIRE ONE will be the best sport compression sock you will ever wear GUARANTEED! Swiftwick socks are proudly made in the USA."

Triathletes are gear junkies. I think we all have a closet full of "stuff" (a highly technical term for useless items we bought with the promiss them would improve performance). But one thing I never ever thought would make a difference were socks. Well after a year of struggling through a case of plantar facitisis, I know firsthand haw hard it is to train and compete when your feet hurt. But I always thought shoes or heel cups or insert were the answer. Well fortunately for me Team Rev3 and Swiftwick got together this year and I was sent a pair of Aspire One socks to try.

I gave them their first test drive on the morning of the Valley Forge Revolutionary Run. I woke up that morning with the familiar ache in my left arch and heel. I tried on the the socks and they fit my foot like a glove, and my son and I headed off to the race. Well on a cold, windy, and wet day I had a great race getting a PR, and I never even noticed a twinge of pain in my foot. When your feet feel good, you can just concentrate on running, and wow did these socks work.

Unfortunately I only had one pair, but that too helped prove to what a difference they made. I alway ran in regular old cotton socks. But right away I noticed how the Aspired craddled my feet and put pressure on my arch. Everytime I wore them my feet felt great. Without them, they ached. I gave them one that trial at Rev3 Knoxville and again they came through. They were a bit slow to get on in T1 since the fit so tight, but my feet felt great and I ran one of my fastest splits in four years.

So I would recommend this product to anyone and I I'd put my money where my mouth is as I just ordered another 7 pairs today. Buy a pair you won't regret it!

"Building on the tradition of manufacturing the best socks we can possibly make in the USA, we strive to improve our products to match your athletic demands. Using the latest machinery available, the new ASPIRE line from Swiftwick is our proudest moment. We considered smaller feet, the narrow foot and athletic activities that demand compression, but less padding in the toe box. We adjusted the formula for key fibers, more than doubled the olefin content and once again, produced the best sock you will ever wear, guaranteed. We have long aspired to create this sock, so the name was obvious. For athletes, the obvious choice is Swiftwick"

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  1. I love my 12s for travel and redo. Yay for kick ass sponsors!