Friday, January 14, 2011

Product review-UltraGen the real deal.

Last winter I conducted an experiment to see if I could prove if UltraGen would make a difference for me, a middle aged MOP AGer. I started using UltraGen last winter. I have tried two flavors (Fruit Punch and Orange Creamsicle) and the flavor grew on me (I prefer Orange Creamsicle), they also have Cappuccino. I drank a water bottle of UltraGen within 30 min after my last workout of the day. I did a 90 day test to see if would help and the results jumped of the page.

Prior to starting I took some baseline data for comparison:

Vitals Age 40 Weight 171

1) 40 K time trial on my CompuTrainer: 1:04:14, 24.84 miles, ave 260 watt,s and ave BPM 170 Max BPM 191
2) 90 min HR ride on CompuTrainer: 1:30:00 30.30 miles, ave 160 watts, HR 115-124 max ave 118 BPM
3) 5K : Ran my post 15 year layoff PR 21:12 just prior to the test (11/28/09). No HR data (didn't bring my watch).

While I haven't done a 5K since Nov, I have seen noticable improvement on the other two.

1)40 K time trial on my CompuTrainer 1:00:36, 24.84 miles, ave 280 watts, and ave BPM 159 Max 172 (Better yet I ran 7.7 miles about 2 hours prior to this ride)

2)90 min maintaining 120 BPM or lower went 30.82 miles Ave watts 170, Ave BPM 119

I have also clearly noticed how much fresher my legs have felt the day after a hard workout. I have had 3 of my highest volume months ever on the bike 601 miles, 532 miles, and 668 miles and my legs feel great, no aches or pains and I feel stronger.

I certainly proved to myself that UltraGen has made a huge difference for me. I had done the chocolate milk and Whey Protein thing before but UltraGen made a noticeable difference within a few days and has worked great for me. It passed the feel test and the numbers seem to back it up as well.

Note: Later that year I also hit my Iron Distance PR by close to 15 minutes at age 40.

I would recommend this product to everyone


  1. Great review, Andy. The proof is in the pudding, eh?

  2. Excellent review - Ultragen is wonderful stuff! Make sure you try the Cappuccino flavor next. it is my fav!

  3. This week I buy Ultragen!!! Test will be on my 20 miler coming up!!!!

  4. Good review of FE Ultragen! It's amazing how imporant recovery is and how many athletes forget to do it.

  5. Good review - getting better with age - love it!!

  6. Good post, thanks for sharing! I need to try out Ultragen. I've already become a huge fan of their liquidshot, efs and multi-vitamin...

  7. Give yourself some credit too! It takes hard work and good recovery.