Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally a plan for 2011

It has been a fairly busy couple of weeks and I keep having good intentions about blogging but just missed the mark when it came to sitting down and typing something.

Somewhere between the unannounced trip up to Susquehanna for their scram and subsequent startup (and missing two snow days if I had stayed in the Regional Office),bringing having my "free cat" diagnosed with a floating knee/hip and having to go into othropedic surgey ($2800 and not covered by my insurance since it is considered a congenital defect), pumping out End of Cycle Packages, and Inspection Reports, and shovelling 10,000 pounds of snow off my driveway, I finally came up with my evil plans for my triathlon season.

May 15 Revolution 3 Knoxville - Half Rev Knoxville, TN
May 22 Escape from Fort Delaware- Olympic Tri. Deleware City, DE
June 4 Revolution 3 Quazzy - Olympic Rev, Middlebury, CT
June 5 Revolution 3 Quazzy - Half Rev, Middlebury, CT (The Revolution)
June 12 Eagleman - Half Ironman Cambridge, MD
August 7 Brigantine Island Tri - Sprint, Brigantine, NJ
August 28 Ironman Canada. Full Ironaman Penticon, BC, Canada
September 11 Revolution 3 Cedar Point Half Rev or volunteer audible, Cedar Point, OH
October 8 Revolution 3 South Carolina Olympic Rev Anderson, SC
October 9 Revolution 3 South Carolina Half Rev Anderson, SC (Double Revolution)

I would like to qualify for the USAT Half Maxs at Knoxville or Eagleman but other than that this year will be all about endurance and perseverence and of course enjoying the ride. I'll be putting my First Endurance products to another test continuing with my Ultragen and EFS regiment and trying out Prerace and Optigen HP to see how they will help me on this quest. Triathlon is an adventure, it is a sport where we push our limitations right off the page. Hopefully 2011 will be one of those years.


  1. Wow! That seems like a lot of races. Recover well!!!

  2. That's a wild ride you've got planned!!!

  3. Holy cow - looks like a blast!!!

  4. Wow. That is a lot of races!! You are my hero. See you at Quassy, but I am only doing 1 race! :)

  5. You are a crazy man!! Can't wait to see you...we'll be at Quassy, CP and SC!!

  6. Wow..amazing race schedule!! Looking forward to meeting you in Quassy!! Hope Cairo is feeling better!!

  7. Busy season!!! See you in Knoxville and SC!! :)