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Rev 3 Maine-Old Orchard Beach Race Report

Note: I'm in the background from 1:50-2:05 on the beach!

Rev3 Maine - Olympic Rev
Old Orchard Beach, Maine
United States
75F / 24C

Triathlon - Olympic
Total Time = 2h 33m 10s
Overall Rank = 58/300
Age Group = M 40-44
Age Group Rank = 5/27

Pre-race routine:

Friday morning I got to get up early to bring Adrian to XC picture and then come back to watch their "scrimage." Was going to leave after that. Well the scrimmage turned out to be about 12 teams and over 200 in the boys race, then the team got to clean everything up after. Basically it was an Invitational without any medals. So I didn't get packed and loaded up until after 12:30, and then I forgot my computer and my dop kit.

The ride up was fine until I hit Mass and I290 which just stopped at mile marker 22. Crawled forward for next few miles as the sun went down. The highway was down to one lane for a chemical spill plus in the one lane was a broken down car. What a mess! 2.5 hours for 2.5 miles. Finally got past it and got to Portland aroung 10:30, got some McDonald's and then to the hotel and bed.

Got up headed to Old Orchard Beach and caught the tail end of the swim and gave out some TriSlide and Foggle. At least I had my wetsuit and the water was perfect with it. Swam out to the HIM buoy and back. Slight chop and waves at beach. Good swim. Then to the expo, checked in and then put the stickers on my bike and dropped it off in transition. Met up with a bunch of my Rev3 teammates and then heaed back to the hotel before a tem dinner at the Great Lost Bear Tavern. THen back to the hotel watched Bristol and used the NormaTec Boots for an hour and hit the sack.

Got up at 4:25, got dressed and headed to OOB. Set up transition and had to get out by 6:10. Walked out to the beach and talked to some folks about Rev3. Then sat on the beach and watched the half waves head out and then the Pros before being summonded to the start area.

Event warmup:

No warm up other than the long walk to the beach. As some as I got to the beach they were pulling everyone out of the water. Could have gone well down the beach to swim but would have missed the start of the Half and my teammates.

00:29:50 | 1640.42 yards | 01m 49s / 100yards
Age Group: 15/27
Overall: 133/300


Big wave of 101 people all M&W 35-44. Started in back and right side. Waded at the start past the first breakers. Got some space right off the bat and was a fairly clean and courtous start. No contact and drifted outside to get more space. Felt good and quick and it seemed like I was at least holding my own but I was adding some distance zig zagging my way to the turn buoy and across the bay. Diamonded the crossing leg which got me well away from everyone but at least I stopped zig zagging. Had a few folks from the wave behind be try and swim over me. The last leg back I finally started to see more folks as i stayed in the main traffic lane siting on the Ferris wheel. Felt like a good swim but again was fairly slow. Was faster than Wisconson though.

What would you do differently?:

Need to swim more and work on swim during off season. 15/27 in AG and 133/300 OA.

Time: 05:40

Long run up the beach to the road and up a block then down to and around the transtion and the in and all the way down to my rack. About 1500 feet or 500 yards or jogging barefoot. Transition itself wasn't bad. SUit stuck a bit on left heel but came out fairly easy standing. Noticed I didn't set out my gels,Oh well wasn't going to dig for it. Grabbed my helmit and bike and clomped off to the mount line on the beach side of Transition.

What would you do differently?:

Set up transition better. Left my gels in my bag as well as my Hat which was in a pocket and forgot it. Could have gone quicker but overall was OK

01:08:49 | 24.85 miles | 21.67 mile/hr
Age Group:9/27
Overall: 73/300
Splits: 35:55 for first segment and 32:55 for second seemed like each segment was about 12.42 miles since was on the top loop. I believe the negative split as it was more downhill on way in and I was pushing harder on way in.

Started out a bit slow clipping in and getting up to speed with the hill out of OOB. Got myself right and started to get into a good tempo and started moving forward. Was doing well on the hills and got into a good pace on the flats. Did a set of three back and forths with one of my Rev 3 teammates (Beth) and passed Kristen. Saw Josha and Mike coming out of the turn loop. Passed Beth the last time coming out of the turn loop and put my head down and went to work on the way back. Rode past a number of folks and caught a 27 year old on a road bike and we leapfrogged each other all the way to the Transition pushing each other to catch a bunch of riders ahead of us. Good ride.

What would you do differently?:

Took a while to get into a steady hard tempo and felt I wasn't in race mode the first half. Beth helped snap me into race mode passing me back several times but was a PR for the Olympic Bike and the 5th fastest split in my AG and went from 15th to 9th in my AG and 138th to 73rd OA on bike.


Had some isses dismounting especially compared to my riding buddy with a flying dismount. Little trouble to rack due to the bike next to me turned to my side blocking me. Quick shoe change and off I went. Good transition thanks to the PI Isotransitions.

What would you do differently?:

Not much I could control after the dismount which wasn't very coordinated.

00:47:24 | 06.21 miles | 07m 38s min/mile
Age Group: 5/27
Overall: 58/300
Spilts: Out 23:43 (7:39) and back 23:40 (7:38)

Took off at a good pace and #405 passed me. Let my legs come in which took about a mile and then start pushing the tempo as we climbed the first long hill. Started to keep pace with #405 about 30 yards ahead of me but I was passing folks inclng 2 in my agegroup. Then down hill and to the trail and then down to the turn around. Tried to up the pace. Caught another guy in my AG at mile 4 and the saw another on the hill up to mile 5. Caught him right at the top of the hill and went past him to 4th but he made it to the downhill and lactch on to me. Tried to drop him but he hung on loudly. Coming home a 27 yr old guy passed us both on the road to downtown and he went with him. At this point my hamstrings started to tighten and I didn't have an answer or a sprint. So I stayed steady to the end. Good finish. Beat the 4th guy by over 3 min on run split but helped him to a big last mile and a huge negative split all due to the last mile. He thanked me for coming along at the right time.

What would you do differently?:

Very disapponted I wasn't stronger and pushed up and pat him earlier on the hill and broke him, wasn't able to shake him and finsihed a bit weak. Should have drank more Perform on the bike to better hold off that cramp. Still great run 4th fastest split in AG (1,2, and 20th places better and from 70 to 58 OA. Good run

Note: I'm up on the big screen as well in my finisher's photo. :)
Post race

Warm down:
Walked around to porta potties, then got some Muscle milk and visited the NormaTec tent for some boot time. Then got my bike and stuff loaded up and loaded my car and got changed. Then came back for the lobster bake! Awesome! Stuck around for the PRO and Olympic awards and saw Tim and Jordan finish the half both in 4:38s.

What limited your ability to perform faster:
Should have drank more on the bike and really need to work on my swimming this winter.

Guess 5th place in my AG is better just missing a podium spot and a USAT Nationals berth finsihing 4th but i had 4th in the bag and didn't close the deal which also hurt. Some pick your poison. Overall the lobster eased any pain and so did the 3:12 PR so felt good about my perfromance. Really felt good about it before looking at the results.

Event comments:

Great first year event. Old Orchard Beach is such a cool place and the town loved having us as much as we enjoyed being there. Great event with She Jams Women's race with a race and the Pros were great especially Xterra legend Conrad Stolz making a road tri appearance. Very cool people hanging out with the AGers. ANd the Lobster bake was awesome 2 lobster, potatoe salad, corn on the cobb, and a egg. Best post race meal ever!!!

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