Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rev3 Wisconsin The Dells Race Report

Rev3 Wisconsin - Olympic Rev
Dells, Wisconsin
United States
78F / 26C
Triathlon - Olympic
Total Time = 2h 37m 52s
Overall Rank = 42/174
Age Group = M40-44
Age Group Rank = 6/18

Pre-race routine:

A long drive up from Royersford so I packed up and started drving on Thursday which was a good move. I was wave after wave of rain and thunderstorms both days right up until I hit Chicago where I got to listen to a Cubs game as the traffice just stopped. Finally got to The Dells About 8pm so I went for a run and ran to Tommy Bartlet's and then did the part of the bike course.

The next day did the practice swim and met up with a bunch of my Rev3 teammates. Checked Facebook before I left and the report was the water temps were 77-78, so I left the wetsuit at home. Well all the rain I passed on the way up helped bring the temp back down to 71. Water was great and I swam the HIM course and felt good but I could swear there was a current in the lake. Hit the expo and checked in and got my race stuff and then got my Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs from Lauren! So I already had my trophy before the race (though I did resist eating them under after the race). Went out to dinner with some of my teammates at the Pizza Pub and then hit the sack.

Event warmup:

Decided to walk from the hotel to Tommy Bartlet's in the morning which served as a good warm up. Had to clear out of transition at 6:30 but the Olympic start wasn't until close to 8am so had alot of time to kill. Hit the bathroom then watched the pros and Half Rev get started. Went down to the staging area and then eventually shuffled off across the stage to the Time trial start.

00:33:32 | 1640.42 yards | 02m 02s / 100yards
Age Group: 15/18
Overall: 119/174
Time trial start from dock and then a square route in Lake Denton finishing on stage.

First race ever doing a time trial start. Moved very quickly, started 2 people at a time sitting on dock to shallow water starting every 3 seconds. Start quickly to get wet and warm and charge to the turn, from there I settled into a rhythm and felt OK. But then I just started getting passed left and right. I knew not having a wetsuit was going to make a difference but not that much. Felt like any other swim, didn't have much contact, but I was only catching the person doing the backstroke. Was hitting the buoys dead on and only swung a bit far inside towards shore on the way back and got shepparded back out. Got to the stage and came out.

What would you do differently?:
Bring my wetsuit just in case the water temp drops and swim more.

Time: 04:15

Long run up a hill to transition, then a unhurried transition getting my swiftwick sock and bike shoes on, and was one of the last people from my rack which was depressing.

What would you do differently?:
Transition wasn't bad, but wasn't good to get depressed about the swim and go slower.

01:12:26 | 24.85 miles | 20.58 mile/hr
Age Group: 8/18
Overall: 55/174
First 10.8 miles 29:56 (21.65 mph) Next 14.0 miles 42:30 (19.76 mph)
Fun ride starting with a loop around Lake Denton then heading out of town and doing a loop on some nice rolling country roads. About 840 feet of climbing with 1 catorogized climb at around mile 20.

I got going a bit slowly winding through town, but as we headed out of town on the first long hill I finally started moving forward, I was crushing the hills today just moving past whole lines of people pounding in the big ring. Felt great. I had a short back and forth with a woman in long pink calf sleeves where I would catch and pass her on the hills and she would cruise past on the flats (ended up she was 5th place overall female). After she finally broke away I had a similar back and forth with a guy in my age group and a guy in the 50-54 ag wearing a team USA uniform. Again I would get them on the hill and they would get me on the flats. The 50-54 guy even said to me, "don't worry I'll see you on the next hill." He was right but it was fun.
Just before the last 6 miles (50 mile marker for the Half course) a motercycle or two came up and then here comes the first pro male and then I get a "GO REV3!! GO Andrew!" From my awesome pro teammate Richie Cunningham who was running second. A group of 6-7 passed us by and it was really cool but I did lose focus and just coasted a while. I snapped to as we started the Catorigized climb and as my 50-54 buddy predicted I passed him and my AG friend. "Knew you'd get me on this hill!" Fortunately for me it was a long hill and I built up a good lead on him but my AG rival was able to bridge back up to me in the downhill and ride back into town. The roller coming back around Lake Denton weren't long enough for me to reel him in but I caught him coming into transition and actually did cross the timing mat ahead of him as I got off my bike quicker. Good ride. 5th fastest split in my AG

What would you do differently?:
Think my tires were a bit soft so some fully pumped up tires may have bought my some more speed on the flats and downhills. Was happy with the ride as I move up from 16th (Coming out of T1) to 8th in my AG and 112th to 55th overall


I was now racing my rival AGer and it gave me help getting a quick transition and the iso transition are some fast to get on and out. One of my best transitions and my rack was not extremely full so I felt good.

What would you do differently?:

00:46:27 | 06.21 miles | 07m 29s min/mile
Age Group: 6/18
Overall: 42/174
First 3.18 miles 24:05 (7:34) Second 3.03 miles 22:23 (7:23)

Leave Tommy Bartlets and cross over to Noah's Arc park then down to the bike loop around the lake but then headed into town to the Highway 12/13 junction and turn around and back. Several good hills in mile 2,3,4, and 5.

Got going and had a collegate guy in front of me and then shortly had another pass me but by the turn by Noah's Arc my legs came to me and I worked the downhill and got the guy who passed me back. From their I just got into a fast tempo and went after it. My legs felt great and I pushing it. Work the long uphill after mile 2 and catch my friend in the pink calf sleeves and kept working forward looking to take out anyone with a 40-44 on their calf. Hit the turn then right into the other big hill and I ran down another person in my AG. Pushed it hard on the way home. Saw the woman pros coming the other direction on my way back. In fact the only people who passed my and stayed in front of me were 2 pros doing the Half. The finish is the same easy downhill I got rolling on early, but of course it was now uphill and my progress moving forward stalled there as I was trying to catch the 2 guys in front of me. But I saw Laura and her purple hair at the turn for home and I cruised into Noah's Arc and to the finish. Great run!

What would you do differently?:
Not much! Would have drank more and never did take my gel to load in my jersey but it was a cool day and I didn't bonk but it might have helped. Was the 4th fastest run split in my AG and brought me from 8th to 6th in my AG and from 55th to 42nd overall. Finished strong and felt strong!

Post race

Warm down:
Visited the NormaTec tent and used the boot for 20 min and had Richie come in and win the pro race right behind where I was sitting. Then grabbed a gatorade and a Muscle Milk and walked back to transition to get my bag and then walked back to the hotel since I couldn't take my bike out of transition until afer noon. Walked back to the hotel took a shower packed up the car, checked out and then drove to Tommy Bartlet's and loaded up my bike and headed out to Omaha Nebraska and ate my cream puffs!

What limited your ability to perform faster:
My swim and T1 really put me in a hole. In the end it certainly cost me a Olympic distance PR, and at least one AG position, but I was very happy with the bike and estatic with the run. Plus my 6th place AG finish is my best ever and met one of my Short Term Goals for the year.

Event comments:
Once again Rev 3 did an outstanding job in its first year at The Dells. Great atmoshpere, fun staff, had the pros cheering me on, and a great location. The Dell is advertised as the waterpark capital of the world and it sure looked that way! Great event to do with the whole family!


  1. Congrats on a great race, Andy! You definitely looked like you were trucking on the run when I saw you at the turn-around! Superb report!

  2. Congrats on your 6th place AG finish! I am happy that you have met one of your Short Term Goals for the year. It was indeed a great event to do with the whole family!

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