Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cheribundi 7 day challenge- Day 1

Hello everyone.

I have been pretty bad about updating my blog lately, but I hope to remedy that and introduce myself (and hopefully you) to a new product CheriBundi. I responded to a twitter tweet and was asked if I would like to participate in the 7 day CheriBundi Challenge. Tart Red Cherry juice is said to help reduce inflammation, assist in athletic recovery, and help improve your sleep.
Why? One 8 oz bottle of Cheribundi contains 50 cherries. The ingredients are cherry juice and apple juice nothing else. Tart Cherries have one of the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) among all so called super foods. Tart cherries do this by offering a high dose of anthocyanins, a specific class of antioxidents shown to battle free radicals and repair cell damage inside the body. Drinking 8 ozs of tart cherry juice for seven days has been shown to increase the body's anthocyanin levels needed to achieve maximum health benefits and feel your best.
I am an age group triathlete who is starting to get up there in age, I have found recovery get harder and slower so any product which can naturally help my body recover, I am will to take for a test drive. This week also happens to be my first race back after a month an a half and two week short of one of the races I've circled on my calendar Revolution Three Maine. Plus being the proud owner of two teenagers and two new dogs, I don't tend to get the most restful sleep, so again if this product can help me sleep better. I'll try it.

Had my first bottle last night. I have had some heavy legs this week as I finished up a couple weeks of hard efforts in training. I am a big fan of cherry juice and love the taste. I think it is best chilled in the refrigerator which tempers the initial blast of tartness. Last night I got woken up several times but I did feel very well rested this morning. Went out to packet pickup, tuned up my bike, and rode a loop of the bike course (in running shoes) and then jogged a loop of the run. Legs felt good not great, but not as heavy either. So far so good.

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